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Portrait Session

Services Include

Location tips and advice
Wardrobe guidance
Shareable online gallery with digital downloads and print store
Travel expenses


Services Include

Location tips and advice
Wardrobe guidance
Photography of the full elopement ceremony
Permit assistance
Shareable online gallery with digital downloads and print store
Travel expenses



Services Starting

at $350


“You don’t take a photograph.

You ask quietly to borrow it.”
— Unknown

What is an Elopement?

Elopements used to have a negative connotation. A couple who would secretly run off to get married, sometimes because of family disapproval of their partner. The world has long since evolved and many people are embracing the concept of elopement. It has taken on a completely different meaning. Nowadays, an elopement has come to mean a small, intimate celebration of your wedding day that focuses on the true meaning of the day without all the fanfare, stress and formality of a large traditional wedding. Your elopement prioritizes you, the couple; your values, vision and personality. It gives you a chance to be more intentional about your special day.

There are no rules as to how and elopement should be which means you can celebrate in whichever way is most meaningful to you. It can be in your backyard, the beach, Grand Canyon or even across the globe. You can choose to invite your friends and family or it can just be the two of you (and your photographer;) Not being distracted by guests provides the opportunity for the two of you to be fully present, completely focus on each other and make this day all about you. 

The elopements of another time were also looked upon as a cheap way to get married, if couples didn’t want to invest too much into their wedding day. That is by far not what it is today. Elopements may be expensive. The difference though, is that you are choosing to spend the money on experiences rather than things, such as a wedding hall, band, centerpieces, meals and bar for all your guests etc. You are spending on what matters to you! As opposed to satisfying your wedding guests.
Elopements are a lot less stressful than a traditional wedding. There is no drama from extended family members who don’t get along with each other or from people who may not approve of your partner. No need to deal with guests or the endless things that can go wrong on the schedule. There is also a lot less planning involved. You get to spend the day doing what makes you happy as opposed to meeting the expectation of family.

You will also have more privacy and intimacy when choosing to elope. It is just you and your loved one, and if you choose, a small group of family members. In a location that is meaningful to you.

Now you might possibly think, isn’t it selfish not to include anyone in our celebration? There are family and friends that want to celebrate this day with us. Now stop and think for just a second. This is your special day! The day you commit to the love of your life! You are the focus of the day! It is all about the two of you! So why would it be selfish to spend this important day in the way that brings you the most joy?!

Wherever and however you choose to elopement, having a photographer to capture the special moments of the day is so valuable. This day will be full of so much emotion and connection and to have that frozen in time is priceless. The intimacy, love, joy, hope you are feeling, you will be able to look back at those photos and relive that day all over again.
If you feel like eloping speaks to you after reading all of this. Let’s start planning! I am here to make this day as smooth and relaxed as possible and will support you throughout the process.

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